Commit c8746a49 authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme

chroma:copy: use the proper defines to access the planes in picture_SwapUV()

parent 4e35c662
......@@ -832,9 +832,9 @@ void picture_SwapUV(picture_t *picture)
assert(picture->i_planes == 3);
plane_t tmp_plane = picture->p[1];
picture->p[1] = picture->p[2];
picture->p[2] = tmp_plane;
plane_t tmp_plane = picture->p[U_PLANE];
picture->p[U_PLANE] = picture->p[V_PLANE];
picture->p[V_PLANE] = tmp_plane;
int picture_UpdatePlanes(picture_t *picture, uint8_t *data, unsigned pitch)
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