Commit c4059115 authored by Filippo Carone's avatar Filippo Carone

Tony Anecito suggestions to make java bindings compile in cygwin integrated - needs testing

parent a9143cdb
......@@ -19,14 +19,14 @@ lib_LTLIBRARIES =
DATA_noinst_libjvlc = jvlc$(LIBEXT) libjvlc$(LIBEXT).a
LIBRARIES_libvlc = $(top_builddir)/src/libvlc.dll.a
LIBRARIES_libvlc = $(top_builddir)/src/.libs/libvlc.dll.a $(abs_top_srcdir)/src/.libs/libvlc-control.dll.a
LDFLAGS_jvlc = `$(VLC_CONFIG) --libs libvlc`
libjvlc_DATA = jvlc$(LIBEXT)
libjvlc_DATA = libjvlc.def libjvlc.dll.a jvlc$(LIBEXT)
libjvlc.dll.a libjvlc.def:
$(DLLTOOL) -z libjvlc.def -l libjvlc.dll.a -D $< $(libjvlc_a_OBJECTS)
$(DLLTOOL) -z libjvlc.def -l libjvlc.dll.a -D jvlc.dll $< $(libjvlc_a_OBJECTS)
jvlc$(LIBEXT): $(libjvlc_a_OBJECTS) \
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