Commit b4df4b58 authored by VideoLAN's avatar VideoLAN Committed by Marvin Scholz

l10n: Update NSIS Traditional Chinese translation

Signed-off-by: Marvin Scholz's avatarMarvin Scholz <>
parent 44431277
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ ${LangFileString} Action_OnArrivalSVCDMovie "播放 SVCD 電影"
${LangFileString} Action_OnArrivalVideoFiles "播放視訊檔案"
${LangFileString} Action_OnArrivalMusicFiles "播放音訊檔案"
${LangFileString} Action_OnArrivalDVDAudio "播放音訊 DVD"
${LangFileString} License_NextText "您已經被告知您的權了,請按下一步以繼續"
${LangFileString} License_NextText "您已經被告知您的權了,請按下一步以繼續"
${LangFileString} Detail_CheckProcesses "執行檢查中..."
${LangFileString} MessageBox_VLCRunning "VLC 似乎正在執行中且將被關閉"
${LangFileString} MessageBox_VLCUnableToClose "安裝程式無法順利關閉 VLC,請手動關閉。"
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