Commit 94b819f0 authored by Zhao Zhili's avatar Zhao Zhili Committed by François Cartegnie

demux: adaptive: buffering faster

Assume a 60 FPS video, each call of demuxer->demux return one frame,
then the delay between each of demuxer->demux should not large than
16.7ms. A 50ms delay makes the buffering level around i_min_buffering.
Signed-off-by: François Cartegnie's avatarFrancois Cartegnie <>
(cherry picked from commit c23ae082)
parent e07f3b0c
......@@ -669,7 +669,7 @@ void PlaylistManager::Run()
mtime_t i_deadline = mdate();
if(i_return == AbstractStream::buffering_ongoing)
i_deadline += (CLOCK_FREQ / 20);
i_deadline += (CLOCK_FREQ / 100);
else if(i_return == AbstractStream::buffering_full)
i_deadline += (CLOCK_FREQ / 10);
else if(i_return == AbstractStream::buffering_end)
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