Commit 92bdd6e5 authored by Pierre's avatar Pierre

meta: Use libvlc_media_parse().

parent 1b1325c6
......@@ -40,18 +40,7 @@ static void test_meta (const char ** argv, int argc)
media = libvlc_media_new_path (vlc, "samples/meta.sample");
assert( media );
/* Tell that we are interested in this precise meta data
* This is needed to trigger meta data reading
* (the first calls return NULL) */
artist = libvlc_media_get_meta (media, libvlc_meta_Artist);
free (artist);
/* Wait for the meta */
while (!libvlc_media_is_preparsed (media))
usleep (10000);
libvlc_media_parse (media);
artist = libvlc_media_get_meta (media, libvlc_meta_Artist);
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