Commit 90dde5ed authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

qt: dialogs: Use the correct type for progress context

This seems to fix #18640 and #17060
parent a715eaa0
......@@ -167,14 +167,11 @@ void DialogHandler::cancel(vlc_dialog_id *p_id)
void DialogHandler::updateProgress(vlc_dialog_id *p_id, float f_value,
const QString &text)
DialogWrapper *p_wrapper =
static_cast<DialogWrapper *>(vlc_dialog_id_get_context(p_id));
ProgressDialogWrapper *p_wrapper =
static_cast<ProgressDialogWrapper *>(vlc_dialog_id_get_context(p_id));
ProgressDialogWrapper *p_progress_wrapper
= dynamic_cast<ProgressDialogWrapper *>(p_wrapper);
if (p_progress_wrapper != NULL)
p_progress_wrapper->updateProgress(f_value, text);
if (p_wrapper != NULL)
p_wrapper->updateProgress(f_value, text);
void DialogHandler::displayError(const QString &title, const QString &text)
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