Commit 89f119a6 authored by Kazuki Yamaguchi's avatar Kazuki Yamaguchi Committed by Yuudai Yamashigi

aribcam: don't discard remaining data.

Signed-off-by: default avatarYuudai Yamashigi <>
parent f01b4278
......@@ -175,8 +175,9 @@ static int DecoderRead( stream_t *p_stream, uint8_t *p_dst, int i_toread )
/* Use data from previous reads */
size_t i_fromremain = RemainRead( p_stream, p_dst, i_toread );
i_toread -= i_fromremain;
i_total_read += i_fromremain;
p_dst += i_fromremain;
i_toread -= i_fromremain;
while( i_toread )
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