Commit 7b6465dd authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

udev: fix variable shadowing

parent 64ca0089
......@@ -585,21 +585,21 @@ static char *disc_get_name (struct udev_device *dev)
const char *cat = NULL;
udev_list_entry_foreach (entry, list)
const char *name = udev_list_entry_get_name (entry);
const char *propname = udev_list_entry_get_name(entry);
if (strncmp (name, "ID_CDROM_MEDIA_", 15))
if (strncmp(propname, "ID_CDROM_MEDIA_", 15))
if (!atoi (udev_list_entry_get_value (entry)))
name += 15;
propname += 15;
if (!strncmp (name, "CD", 2))
if (!strncmp(propname, "CD", 2))
cat = N_("CD");
else if (!strncmp (name, "DVD", 3))
else if (!strncmp(propname, "DVD", 3))
cat = N_("DVD");
else if (!strncmp (name, "BD", 2))
else if (!strncmp(propname, "BD", 2))
cat = N_("Blu-ray");
else if (!strncmp (name, "HDDVD", 5))
else if (!strncmp(propname, "HDDVD", 5))
cat = N_("HD DVD");
if (cat != NULL)
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