Commit 72f490f0 authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

es_out: fix codec alias description

parent dbb0f6c7
......@@ -3032,10 +3032,10 @@ static void EsOutUpdateInfo( es_out_t *out, es_out_id_t *es, const es_format_t *
info_category_AddInfo( p_cat, _("Original ID"),
"%d", es->i_id );
const char *psz_codec_description =
vlc_fourcc_GetDescription( p_fmt_es->i_cat, p_fmt_es->i_codec );
const vlc_fourcc_t i_codec_fourcc = ( p_fmt_es->i_original_fourcc )?
p_fmt_es->i_original_fourcc : p_fmt_es->i_codec;
const char *psz_codec_description =
vlc_fourcc_GetDescription( p_fmt_es->i_cat, i_codec_fourcc );
if( psz_codec_description && *psz_codec_description )
info_category_AddInfo( p_cat, _("Codec"), "%s (%.4s)",
psz_codec_description, (char*)&i_codec_fourcc );
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