Commit 72835a29 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

modules: fix plugins directory

Regression from 2d062f70.
parent 20bd2ef0
......@@ -462,14 +462,12 @@ static void AllocateAllPlugins (vlc_object_t *p_this)
/* Contruct the special search path for system that have a relocatable
* executable. Set it to <vlc path>/plugins. */
char *vlcpath = config_GetLibDir ();
if (likely(vlcpath != NULL)
&& likely(asprintf (&paths, "%s" DIR_SEP "plugins", vlcpath) != -1))
char *vlcpath = config_GetSysPath(VLC_PKG_LIB_DIR, "plugins");
if (likely(vlcpath != NULL))
AllocatePluginPath (p_this, paths, mode);
free( paths );
AllocatePluginPath(p_this, vlcpath, mode);
free (vlcpath);
#endif /* VLC_WINSTORE_APP */
/* If the user provided a plugin path, we add it to the list */
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