Commit 6f2fde2e authored by VideoLAN's avatar VideoLAN Committed by Konstantin Pavlov

Added danish translation for vlc.desktop.

parent 91b432be
......@@ -11,6 +11,9 @@ Comment[br]=Lenn, enrollañ, skignañ ho lanvioù liesvedia
Name[ca]=Reproductor multimèdia VLC
GenericName[ca]=Reproductor multimèdia
Comment[ca]=Reproduïu, captureu i difoneu fluxos multimèdia
Name[da]=VLC media player
Comment[da]=Læs, indspil, transmittér dine multimediestreams
Name[de]=VLC Media Player
Comment[de]=Wiedergabe, Aufnahme und Verbreitung Ihrer Multimedia-Streams
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