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Fortunes about kind-napping and jails...

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......@@ -1043,3 +1043,27 @@ reactor leaks ionizing radiations."
< TypX> courmisch: Jack the Reader was way less dangerous than Jack the Ripper
-- #videolan, badum ching
< refp> I'm going to bed (super early for a refp)
< refp> maybe 2017 will be the year I adjust to some sort of normal rythm
< refp> maybe.
< courmisch> Yeah right
< refp> courmisch: I mean.. it _could_ happen!
< j-b> it could
< courmisch> these days, it seems there are only two ways to get a normal rythm
< courmisch> have kids or have strict working hours
* refp goes of to kindnap some kids
< refp> kindnap.. I of course meant kidnap, but maybe "kindnapping" is the same thing, but doing
so in a kind manner
* courmisch dials polisen
< j-b> refp: kidnapping in a kind manner?
< j-b> wtf?
< refp> yes, I already see how that would play out in court so maybe I shouldn't
< refp> anyhow.. time to sleep (and no, I will not kindnap anything)
* refp *ploff*
< No_se> refp: This is a smart approach: You should really get to on of courmisch's solutions
that way. By the kidnapped kids or the strict working hours in jail
< refp> No_se: if I could bring my laptop to jail I'm not sure I'd mind that bad.. as long as
there's an internet connection, coffee, and a place to smoke
* refp is now gone (fo'real)
-- #videolan, kind-napping and jails
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