Commit 6a35c6ad authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Fix comments

parent 757e6a6e
......@@ -717,13 +717,19 @@ void vlc_join (vlc_thread_t handle, void **result)
* Creates and starts new detached thread.
* A detached thread cannot be joined. Its resources will be automatically
* released whenever the thread exits (in particular, its call stack will be
* reclaimed). Nevertheless, a detached thread may
* be cancelled; this can expedite its termination.
* reclaimed).
* Detached thread are particularly useful when some work needs to be done
* asynchronously, that is likely to be completed much earlier than the thread
* can practically be joined. In this case, thread detach can spare memory.
* A detached thread may be cancelled, so as to expedite its termination.
* Be extremely careful if you do this: while a normal joinable thread can
* safely be cancelled after it has already exited, cancelling an already
* exited detached thread is undefined: The thread handle would is destroyed
* immediately when the detached thread exits. So you need to ensure that the
* detached thread is still running before cancellation is attempted.
* @warning Care must be taken that any resources used by the detached thread
* remains valid until the thread completes.
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