Commit 666390fa authored by Alexey Sokolov's avatar Alexey Sokolov Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Add few more bool returns to libvlc.

Didn't notice them first time.
Signed-off-by: Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatarJean-Baptiste Kempf <>
parent b68bd9af
......@@ -378,6 +378,8 @@ LIBVLC_API libvlc_state_t libvlc_media_get_state(
* \param p_stats: structure that contain the statistics about the media
* (this structure must be allocated by the caller)
* \return true if the statistics are available, false otherwise
* \libvlc_return_bool
LIBVLC_API int libvlc_media_get_stats( libvlc_media_t *p_md,
libvlc_media_stats_t *p_stats );
......@@ -140,6 +140,8 @@ void libvlc_media_list_player_pause(libvlc_media_list_player_t * p_mlp);
* \param p_mlp media list player instance
* \return true for playing and false for not playing
* \libvlc_return_bool
libvlc_media_list_player_is_playing( libvlc_media_list_player_t * p_mlp );
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