Commit 506a4fc4 authored by Konstantin Pavlov's avatar Konstantin Pavlov

UPNP: Add Austin's comment on how to really fix the "duplicating" bug

parent 4308323d
......@@ -776,6 +776,39 @@ bool MediaServer::_fetchContents( Container* p_parent )
return true;
// TODO: Create a permanent fix for the item duplication bug. The current fix
// is essentially only a small hack. Although it fixes the problem, it introduces
// annoying cosmetic issues with the playlist. For example, when the UPnP Server
// rebroadcasts it's directory structure, the VLC Client deletes the old directory
// structure, causing the user to go back to the root node of the directory. The
// directory is then rebuilt, and the user is forced to traverse through the directory
// to find the item they were looking for. Some servers may not push the directory
// structure too often, but we cannot rely on this fix.
// I have thought up another fix, but this would require certain features to
// be present within the VLC services discovery. Currently, services_discovery_AddItem
// does not allow the programmer to nest items. It only allows a "2 deep" scope.
// An example of the limitation is below:
// Root Directory
// + Item 1
// + Item 2
// services_discovery_AddItem will not let the programmer specify a child-node to
// insert items into, so we would not be able to do the following:
// Root Directory
// + Item 1
// + Sub Item 1
// + Item 2
// + Sub Item 1 of Item 2
// + Sub-Sub Item 1 of Sub Item 1
// This creates a HUGE limitation on what we are able to do. If we were able to do
// the above, we could simply preserve the old directory listing, and compare what items
// do not exist in the new directory listing, then remove them from the shown listing using
// services_discovery_RemoveItem. If new files were introduced within an already existing
// container, we could simply do so with services_discovery_AddItem.
void MediaServer::_buildPlaylist( Container* p_parent, input_item_node_t *p_input_node )
bool b_send = p_input_node == NULL;
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