Commit 4eae4cee authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

fortunes: ripping, playing, reading

parent 36a9c9b3
......@@ -1034,3 +1034,12 @@ reactor leaks ionizing radiations."
< Sean_McG> lol
-- IRC, MpegEncContext is evil
< VLC>
< VLC> i want to know if this is only for reading content, or also for ripping it
< VLC> does VLC provide any kind of protection against unauthorized ripping?
< VLC> or is this within the scope of the end user?
<@j-b> end user
< courmisch> VLC: what's the difference between ripping and reading?
< TypX> courmisch: Jack the Reader was way less dangerous than Jack the Ripper
-- #videolan, badum ching
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