Commit 41e1fa53 authored by Ilkka Ollakka's avatar Ilkka Ollakka

mux:ts: set h264/hevc/mp2v to be able to produce unbounded pes packets

Without unbounded PES packets, h264 streams with big enough packets (keyframes)
can cause playback corruption on bottomn of the video in hls streaming when
played back with browsers. As frames would be splitted to multiple packets
without pts/dts.
parent bb7e8b5a
......@@ -1415,10 +1415,14 @@ static bool MuxStreams(sout_mux_t *p_mux )
p_data->i_pts = p_data->i_dts;
if( p_input->p_fmt->i_codec == VLC_CODEC_DIRAC )
if( (p_input->p_fmt->i_codec == VLC_CODEC_DIRAC) ||
(p_input->p_fmt->i_codec == VLC_CODEC_H264) ||
(p_input->p_fmt->i_codec == VLC_CODEC_HEVC) ||
(p_input->p_fmt->i_codec == VLC_CODEC_MP2V)
b_data_alignment = 1;
/* dirac pes packets should be unbounded in
/* dirac and mpeg video pes packets should be unbounded in
* length, specify a suitibly large max size */
i_max_pes_size = INT_MAX;
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