Commit 3746a9cd authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

update NEWS

parent f3e04754
......@@ -24,6 +24,9 @@ Core:
* Support wayland surface type
* Allow to start the video paused on the first frame
* Refactor preparsing input
* EPG reworked: table and single event updates, now using network time
* Refactored and fixed subtitles es selection. Demuxers can now override
es category single only or multiple es behavior
* New NFS access module using libnfs
......@@ -79,6 +82,9 @@ Decoder:
supporting H.263, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4 Part 2, and DV depending on device
and OS version
* Support for the OggSpots video codec
* HEVC packetization is now correct
* H264 packetizer can now generate timestamps
* Packetizers have support for captions in SEI
* JPEG images correctly oriented using embedded orientation tag, if present
* Support VPX high bit depth support
* Extend MicroDVD support with color, fontname, size, position extensions
......@@ -235,6 +241,7 @@ libVLC:
* Add libvlc_media_player_(get|set)_role to set the media role
* Add libvlc_media_player_add_slave to replace libvlc_video_set_subtitle_file,
working with MRL and supporting also audio slaves
* Add vlc_epg_event_(New|Delete|Duplicate), vlc_epg_AddEvent, vlc_epg_Duplicate
* Support for the SystemD Journal
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