Commit 20b713a2 authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

Update NEWS

parent 45c2a475
......@@ -149,11 +149,16 @@ Audio output:
* Added Tizen audio module
* HDMI/SPDIF pass-through support for WASAPI (AC3/DTS/DTSHD/EAC3/TRUEHD)
* Support EAC3 and TRUEHD pass-through for PulseAudio
* Support Ambisonics audio with viewpoint changes
Audio filters:
* Add SoX Resampler library audio filter module (converter and resampler)
* a52tospdif and dtstospdif audio converters are merged into tospdif,
this new converter can convert AC3, DTS, EAC3 and TRUEHD to a IEC61937 frame
* Added the Spatialaudio module with 2 submodules: one Ambisonics audio
* renderer and one Binauralizer audio filter
* Add Headphones option in Stereo Mode: use the spatialaudio module for
* headphones effects
Video ouput:
* Linux/BSD default video output is now OpenGL, instead of Xvideo
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