Commit 1c42889a authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

LibVLC: try to clarify libvlc_media_add_option() limitations

parent 3de8fd13
......@@ -251,11 +251,13 @@ LIBVLC_API libvlc_media_t *libvlc_media_new_as_node(
* read the media. This allows to use VLC's advanced
* reading/streaming options on a per-media basis.
* The options are detailed in vlc --long-help, for instance
* "--sout-all". Note that all options are not usable on medias:
* specifically, due to architectural issues, video-related options
* such as text renderer options cannot be set on a single media. They
* must be set on the whole libvlc instance instead.
* \note The options are listed in 'vlc --long-help' from the command line,
* e.g. "-sout-all". Keep in mind that available options and their semantics
* vary across LibVLC versions and builds.
* \warning Not all options affects libvlc_media_t objects:
* Specifically, due to architectural issues most audio and video options,
* such as text renderer options, have no effects on an individual media.
* These options must be set through libvlc_new() instead.
* \param p_md the media descriptor
* \param ppsz_options the options (as a string)
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