Commit 19d59d86 authored by Rémi Duraffort's avatar Rémi Duraffort


If in AUTHORS => not in THANKS
I moved also some people from AUTHORS to THANKS (only small fixes).
parent 077f47ff
......@@ -138,6 +138,14 @@ C: reno
D: AC3 decoder
S: France
N: Rémi Duraffort
E: ivoire -at-
C: ivoire
D: sftp access
D: Improvement of SDL vout and taglib
D: QA (memory leaks, race conditions)
S: France
N: Cyril Deguet
C: asmax
......@@ -194,11 +202,6 @@ D: MPEG TS input
D: Decoder modularization
N: Andrew Flintham
D: text subtitler and font scripts
S: United Kingdom
N: Damien Fouilleul
C: Quovodis
......@@ -209,28 +212,6 @@ D: SSE2 chroma converters
D: improved MMX chroma converters
S: Ireland
N: Alexis Guillard
D: IPv6 support
S: United Kingdom
N: Gerald Hansink
D: Qt Embedded Video Output
S: Netherlands
N: Shane Harper
D: SDL plugin fixes and enhancements
D: XVideo video output
D: Gnome and Gtk+ interface enhancements
S: United Kingdom
N: Dugal Harris
E: dugalh (at) protoclea .dot co dot. za
D: OpenCV video filter
S: South Africa
N: Derk-Jan Hartman
C: hartman
......@@ -368,16 +349,6 @@ C: fgp
D: MacOS X port
S: Austria
N: Heiko Panther
D: Mac OS X audio device selection framework
S: Germany
N: Vincent Penne
E: ziggy at sashipa dot com
D: teletext decoder
S: France
N: Eric Petit
C: titer
......@@ -400,11 +371,6 @@ C: karibu
D: skins module (core and win32 port)
S: France
N: Frédéric Ruget
D: Portaudio audio output
S: France
N: Jean-Paul Saman
E: jp_dot_saman#videolan_dot_nl
D: libmad plug-in
......@@ -433,7 +399,7 @@ D: YUV transforms
D: X11 and GGI video outputs
S: France
N: Ken Self
N: Kenneth Self
C: kenS
D: BDA module
......@@ -454,11 +420,6 @@ D: Announce system
D: visualisation, volume normalizer
S: France
N: Peter Surda
D: rc plugin for VLC control through /dev/stdin
S: Austria
N: Olivier Teulière
C: ipkiss
......@@ -466,14 +427,3 @@ D: Win32 interface
D: skins module (core and win32 port)
D: skins2 module (core and win32 port)
S: France
N: Yuehua Zhao
D: real video codec
S: China
N: Bo Wang
D: real file/rtsp pause and seek support
S: China
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ Alexey Lugin <alex at ukrlocal dot info> - Ukrainian translation
Alexey Salmin <alexey dot salmin at gmail dot com> - Russian localisation
Alexis Ballier <aballlier at gentoo dot org> - Additional options in configure
Alexis de Lattre <alexis at videolan dot org> - Documentation, packaging, IGMPv3 support and various fixes
Alexis Guillard <> - IPv6 support
Amanpreet Singh Alam <aalam at users dot sf dot net> - Punjabi translation
Amir Gouini <a.gouini at qiplay dot com> - VLC mozilla plugin event listerners.
Andrea Guzzo <xant at xant dot net> - dc1394 firewire support
......@@ -29,6 +30,7 @@ André de Barros Martins Ribeiro <andrerib at> - Brazilian portugue
Andre Pang <adre.pang at csiro dot au> - Annodex support
André Weber <WeberAndre at gmx d0t de> - Qt4, AAC ordering, Win32 threads patches, video filter module for the homebrew AmbiLight (AtmoLight)
Andres Krapf <dae at> - FreeBSD port and tests, KDE interface
Andrew Flintham <> - Text subtitler and font scripts
Andrew Zaikin <andrew dot zaikin at gmail dot com> - Config saving fixes
Andrey Brilevskiy <director at> - Russian translation
Andrey Wolk <andywolk at gmail . com> - Russian translation
......@@ -80,7 +82,6 @@ Colin Simmonds <colin_simmonds at> - compile fix for Mac OS X
Cristian Secară <cristi at secarica dot ro> - Romanian l10n
Cyril Mathé <cmathe at actech-innovation dot com> - WebPlugin features and improvements
Damian Ivereigh <damian at> - ac3dec uninitialized data structure fix
Damien Fouilleul <damien.fouilleul at> - DirectShow input improvements
Daniel Dreibrodt, aka aLtgLasS <daniel d.t dreibrodt -@t- gmx d0t de> - VLC 0.8.5 default skin, skins, design and help on the forum and the wiki
Daniel Fischer <dan at subsignal dot org> - Shoutcast output support
Daniel Nylander <info @t danielnylander at se> - Swedish translation
......@@ -105,7 +106,7 @@ Dominic Spitaler <Dominic dot Spitaler at gmx dot at> - Mac OS X Document Icons
Dominique Leuenberger <dominique at leuenberger dot net> - SUSE Packaging, some patches
Dominko Aždajić <domazd at @mail dot ru> - Croatian translation
Douglas West <dwest at crystaldata dot com> - dynamicoverlay patch
Dugal Harris - DirectShow fixes and MJPEG patches
Dugal Harris <dugalh (at) protoclea .dot co dot. za> - DirectShow fixes, MJPEG patches and OpenCV video filter
Dylan Aïssi <aissi dot dylan at free dot fr> - French translation
Dylan Yudaken <dyudaken -- gmail # com> - hotkeys patch
Eirik U. Birkeland <eirbir at gmail dot com> - Norwegian Nynorsk translation
......@@ -125,12 +126,14 @@ François Cartegnie <fcvlcdev at> - multiple Qt improvements and usabili
François Seingier <francois.seingier at> - TTL setting in the wx stream output dialog
Frank Chao <frank0624 at> - Chinese Traditional translation
Frans van Veen <f.m.j.c.vanveen at> - Mozilla plugin toolbar
Frédéric Ruget <> - Portaudio audio output
Fumio Nakayama <endymion at> - Japanese translation
Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng at gnome dot hu> - Hungarian translation
Gaëtan Rousseaux <> - Walloon translation
Geoffrey Roussel <meka321 at hotmail dot com> - Christmas easter egg Artwork
Geoffroy Couprie <geo dot couprie -- gmail # com> - Podcast fix
Georgi Chorbadzhiyski <gf at unixsol dot org> - HTTP access error handling fix, ASF output patches.
Gerald Hansink <> - Qt Embedded Video Output
Gisle Vanem <giva at bgnet dot no> - gettimeoffay under win32
Glen Gray <slaine at slaine do rog> - RTSP keepalive
Goce Manevski <Goce92 at live dot com> - Macedonian translation
......@@ -147,8 +150,8 @@ Hannes Domani <ssbssa at yahoo dot de> - Qt4 interfaces patches
Harris Dugal <dugalh at protoclea dot. co dot za > - ActiveX bug fixes
Harry Sintonen <sintonen at> - fix for MKV demuxer
H.Shalitha Vikum <HSVIKUM at sinhalaya dot com> - Sinhala translation
Heiko Panther <> - Mac OS X audio device selection framework
Igor Helman - VLM msecseek command
Ilkka Ollakka - SDP bitrate patch, various VLM fixes, transcode afilter/vfilter fix, qt4 interface patches
Isaac Osunkunle - <osunkunle - at - gmail d0t com> - Spatializer (GSoc 2007)
Ivo Ivanov <bestran at mail dot bg> - Bulgarian translation
Jamil Ahmed <itsjamil at gmail dot com> - Bengali translation
......@@ -188,7 +191,6 @@ Kai Hermann <> - German translation
Kai Lauterbach <lauterbach.kai at web d0t de> - added atmo Fnordlicht support
Kang Jeong-Hee <keizie at gmail dot com> - Korean translation
Kenneth Ostby <kenneo -at- idi -dot- ntnu -dot- no> - Audioscrobbler plugin
Kenneth Self <kens at campoz DoT. fslife _dOt co dOT- uk> - BDA capture plugin
Kevin H. Patterson <kevpatt at khptech dot com> - Theora framesize calculation
Koehler, Vitally <vkoehler AT telekom de> - solves the problem of audio packet losses by the playback of MPEG2 transport stream.
Konstanty Bialkowski <konstanty -|- ieee [] org> - improvements on mod files support
......@@ -244,7 +246,6 @@ Myckel Habets <myckel at> - Dutch translation
Namhyung Kim <namhyung at gmail d0t com> - Korean translation
Nilmoni Deb <ndeb at> - autoconf and Makefile fixes
Oleksandr Natalenko <pfactum at gmail dot com> - Ukranian translation
Olivier Aubert <oaubert at> - clone list patch
Olivier Houchard <doginou @t dong d0t ci0 d0t org> - UDP & HTTP access output fix, ffmpeg mux fix
Olivier Pomel <pomel at> - original VLC code
Omer Ensari <oensari at gmail dot com> - Kurmanji (Kurdish) translation
......@@ -256,6 +257,7 @@ Patrick McLean <chutzpah at gentoo d0t org> - Libcdio update patch
Paul Corke <paul.corke at datatote dot co do uk> - pvr and dv patches for newer drivers and hardware
Pauline Castets <pcastets at actech-innovation dot com> - NSIS fixes and i18n
Paul Mackerras <paulus at> - AltiVec IDCT and motion
Peter Surda <> - rc plugin for VLC control through /dev/stdin
Petr Vacek - FTP cleartext authentication
Philippe A. aka "Lotesdelère" - Numerous testing and bug reporting
Philippe Van Hecke <philippe at belnet dot be> - SAP header hash patch
......@@ -266,7 +268,6 @@ Pierre Ynard <linkfanel at yahoo dot fr> - WinCE and win32 fixes
Pittayakom Saingtong <develop5 qt datawiz dot co dot th> - Thai localisation
Przemyslaw Fiala <bl4 a playker dot info> - MMS/TCP fix
Régis Duchesne <regis at> - original VLC code
Rémi Duraffort <ivoire at> - various QT4 patches, lots of memory leaks and bug fixes
Remco Poortinga <poortinga at> - IPv6 multicast patch
Rene Gollent <rgollent at> - BeOS interface fix
Richard Hosking <richard at> - v4l2 support
......@@ -283,6 +284,7 @@ Scott Caudle <dorkmanzcot at gmail dot com> - Visualization, WX improvements
Sebastian Jenny <jenny - sebastian &t gmail - com > - AAC decoding channel ordering fix.
Sebastien Chaumat <Sebastien.Chaumat at> - YOPY port tests
Сергей Дарьичев <charnabog at rambler dot ru> - Belarusian translation
Shane Harper <> - SDL fixes, XVideo video output and Gtk+ interface enhancements
Sidney Doria <ssdoria qt> - Brazilian Portuguese localisation
Simon Damkjær Andersen <simondamkjaer at> - playmode icons and the entire Fullscreen Panel design for the OSX GUI (v0.8.6)
Søren Bøg <avacore at videolan dot org> - dynamicoverlays
......@@ -312,6 +314,7 @@ Udo Richter <udo underscore richter at gmx dot de> - Trancode padding / cropping
Valek Filippov <frob at> - Russian translation
Vicente Jimenez Aguilar <vice at> - Spanish translation
Vincent Dimar - WxWidgets online help patch
Vincent Penne <ziggy at sashipa dot com> - Teletext decoder
Vincent Penquerc'h < ogg dot k dot ogg dot k at googlemail dot com> - Kate subtitle decoder module
Vincent van den Heuvel <heuvel @t> - OSX about window artwork (v0.8.4)
Vincenzo Reale <smart2128 @t> - Italian translation
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