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Update NEWS

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......@@ -3,27 +3,65 @@ Changes between 3.0.0 and 3.0.1:
* Fix use-after-free when cleaning playlists
* Fix crash on exit on Windows
Video output:
* Fix HLG tone mapping on some systems like macOS.
* Fix screensaver inhibition on Windows XP
* Fix various Direct3d11 crashes
* Fix various Direct3D11 crashes
* Fix HDR tone mapping in Direct3d11
* Fix pink screen on Windows
* macOS: enable SMB file sharing
* Fix potential stack buffer overflow with faad
* Enable Cineform HD in avcodec
Hardware Decoder:
* macOS: Improve HEVC 10bit performance with Videotoolbox
* android: Add MPEG2 support via MediaCodec
* Fix HEVC decoding with some files on Android/macOS/iOS
* Improve Direct3D11 memory usage
* Improve MKV seeking speed
* Fix xspf base URL handling
* Fix reading mp4 trun with moof based offsets
* Fix adaptive http redirections
* Replace old API, fixing adaptive TLS leak
* Use mime type as fallback for HLS segment type
* Fix subtitle (srt,ssa..) seek when having a single entry
* Flag non default HDMV subset video streams
* Increase TS probing amount for 4K streams
* Miscellaneous MKV, MP4 & AVI crash fixes
* Fix out of bounds read in mpeg4video
Stream Output:
* Improve chromecast loading speed
* Improve local/chromecast transition during playback
* Fix chromecast loading with some versions of Windows
* Fix chromecast loading with some chromecast devices (TVs and Android boxes)
* Fix wrong first cover art when casting
* Fix casting to VP9
macOS Interface:
* Re-add option to disable the fullscreen controller panel
* Auto-layout improvements
* Remove misleading playback warning indicato
* Remove misleading playback warning indicator
* Fix crash with the interface for lua extensions (like VLSub)
* Fix show sidebar setting being ignored on restart
* Fix MKV files association
* Fix chromecast audio detection
Qt Interface:
* Improve scaling on HiDPI displays
* Improve interface look and feel.
Changes between 2.2.8 and 3.0.0:
......@@ -415,7 +453,7 @@ Mac OS X:
update to the newest version.
Video Output:
* Fix Direct3D9 output with odd offsets
* Fix Direct2D9 output with odd offsets
* Fix crash in MTP
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