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release-howto: update the mirrors part

parent e7eeb970
......@@ -63,12 +63,16 @@ Release HOWTO
- gpg -u VideoLAN\ Release -t --sign --detach --armor
- for i in *asc;do gpg --verify $i || echo $i;done
* Mirrors (if necessary)
- Forwarn the mirror admins
- Update the list of files for the mirror check
- Disable mirrors which haven't synced yet and possibly ganesh if there are
enough other mirrors (see
* Mirrors
- Forwarn the mirror admins (optional for any minor release)
- Go to<path-to-the-file>?mirrorlist
- Ensures there is enough mirrors able to serve the file in each region
or just wait few more hours before doing the release.
Suggested number of mirrors:
- > 70% for a minor release
- > 80% for a major release
- > 80% for any auto-update
- Keep an eye on during the release
* Update the wiki
- edit
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