Commit 054e07f0 authored by Laurent Aimar's avatar Laurent Aimar

Fixed small warning.

parent 8919d218
......@@ -517,9 +517,9 @@ static void ParseExecute( httpd_file_sys_t *p_args, char *p_buffer,
var_Get( p_sys->p_input, "position", &val);
sprintf( position, "%d" , (int)((val.f_float) * 100.0));
var_Get( p_sys->p_input, "time", &val);
sprintf( time, I64Fi, val.i_time / 1000000LL );
sprintf( time, I64Fi, (int64_t)val.i_time / I64C(1000000) );
var_Get( p_sys->p_input, "length", &val);
sprintf( length, I64Fi, val.i_time / 1000000LL );
sprintf( length, I64Fi, (int64_t)val.i_time / I64C(1000000) );
var_Get( p_sys->p_input, "state", &val );
if( val.i_int == PLAYING_S )
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