Commit 01c41858 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

fr: two types in one line

This is the second time this commit is applied. Consider this is the
last warning for French translation. Any new revert of my corrections
without explanation will be re-reverted without further notice.
parent 352ea7df
......@@ -8023,7 +8023,7 @@ msgstr "La session a échoué"
#: modules/access/rtsp/access.c:229
msgid "The requested RTSP session could not be established."
msgstr "La sesion TRSP demandée n'a pu être établie."
msgstr "La session RTSP demandée n'a pu être établie."
#: modules/access/screen/screen.c:43
#: modules/gui/qt4/components/open_panels.cpp:1034
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