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    opengl: use GL core symbols from *GetProcAddress · 744ac6ec
    Thomas Guillem authored
    Use GetProcAddress to fetch GL core symbols instead of using symbols from the
    libGL linked with the vlc gl plugin (but not for GLES2/Windows/macOS).
    This fixes a crash with nvidia drivers when using EGL but can also fix some
    others issues if a vendor/distrib ship more than one openGL libs.
    cf. https://github.com/NVIDIA/libglvnd/issues/63
    Symbols from the old libGL.so.1 were used instead of symbols from the new
    libOpenGL.so (that are fetched via eglGetProcAddress()).
    I guess that libGL.so.1 can't work with EGL with recent drivers.
    Fixes #19093
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