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    include: Rename the bswap functions to vlc_bswap · 7e9ef3d7
    Kamil Rytarowski authored
    The bswap16, bswap32 and bswap64 functions are already present on NetBSD
    and cannot be redefined in include/vlc_common.h as this causes fatal build
    Rename these functions to vlc_bswap16, vlc_bswap32 and vlc_bswap64 and
    keep them as they are without fallback to the NetBSD's libc one. These
    functions are already small enough and we can bear with them as duplicates
    on the gain of no extra ifdefs in the vlc_common.h public header.
    Signed-off-by: Thomas Guillem's avatarThomas Guillem <thomas@gllm.fr>
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