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    preparser: post-pone event until after art fetching is complete · 5e6e0a66
    Filip Roséen authored
    Since one can request art to be fetched through
    libvlc_media_parse_with_options, one would expect the event
    originating from this request to be sent upon the completion of all
    requested operations (not just the preparsing). The alternative would
    be to monitor the libvlc_MediaMetaChanged, hoping for an artwork URL
    change, but this can't account for error nor timeout.
    The changes introduced were written after a discussion with Hugo
    Beauzée-Luyssen where he expressed that he would, if possible, be able to
    post-pone the preparsing events until the art fetching is complete.
    Post-poning the event fixes issues that are currently reproducible where
    medialibrary is used, and art is missing (because it listens to the preparse
    event in order to generate the database contents).
    It can be viewed as a follow-up to the below rejected patch (with the
    same goal in mind):
     - https://patches.videolan.org/patch/15810/Signed-off-by: default avatarHugo Beauzée-Luyssen <hugo@beauzee.fr>
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