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      Panoramix video filter by Cédric Cocquebert. · febe7d21
      zorglub authored
      + temporarily re-enable vout-filter until video-filter is updated
      I include this so that it can get some testing and debugging, but it has some issues:
      * Several coding style / indentation problems that make the code quite hard to read
      * Use of config_Get/config_Put instead of vars
      * In my tests, it crashes as soon as bz-length is not == 0, which basically makes the attenuation effect inoperant
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      Forward port of branches/0.8.1-jpsaman-thedj revision 12070. The OSD menu... · 26e60046
      Jean-Paul Saman authored
      Forward port of branches/0.8.1-jpsaman-thedj revision 12070. The OSD menu subsystem consists of two parts a core part (src/osd, include/vlc_osd.h) and a subfilter (modules/video_filter/osdmenu.c). The OSD menu can be used locally or it can be streamed. It depends on the way the functionality is called from the vlc commandline. Currently there is only one way to make the subpictures appear on the video and that is through the rc-interface. The following commands are supported by it: "menu on" (show OSD menu), "menu off" (hide OSD menu), "menu left" (highlight button on the left), "menu right" (highlight button on the right), "menu up" (highlight button above), "menu down" (highlight button below) or "menu select" (perform hotkey action). When there is no button on the left, right, up or down then the menu-command will be ignored.
      To stream use a commandline similar to this:
      ./vlc dvdsimple:///dev/dvd --sub-filter=osdmenu --osdmenu-file=share/osdmenu/default.cfg --extraintf rc --sout '#transcode{sfilter=osdmenu}:std{mux=ts,access=udp,url=}' -vvvv
      For local playback a commandline like this is needed:
      ./vlc dvdsimple:///dev/dvd --sub-filter=osdmenu --osdmenu-file=share/osdmenu/default.cfg -vvvv
      Have fun with the basic functionality - jpsaman.
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      Basic mosaic, video blending modules · 1f54a473
      dionoea authored
       * picture.c picture.h : vout that copies the rendered image in a libvlc
       * mosaic.c : sub filter that takes all the images created by the picture
                    module and blends them over the current video
      I think i still have loads of things to fix (like memleaks)
      Simple vlm configuration file to see this work :
      new chan1 broadcast enabled
      setup chan1 input somevideo1.avi
      setup chan1 option vout=picture
      new chan2 broadcast enabled
      setup chan2 input somevideo2.avi
      setup chan2 option vout=picture
      new bg broadcast enabled
      setup bg input somevideo0.avi
      setup bg option sub-filter=mosaic
      control bg play
      control chan1 play
      control chan2 play
      You just have to launch : ./vlc -I telnet --vlm-conf vlm.conf
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      Added simple motion detect filter. · 70a4f2e2
      Jérome Decoodt authored
      This filter uses a description file which follows this format :
      where x1,y1,x2,y2 describe a sensible rectangle, level is the minimum difference for an active pixel, downspeed an upspeed are to integers.
      mrl is a mrl to go when the filter has detected movement in the rectangle.
      This is fun with vlm. For example, you should try to launch vlc normaly with vlm and then type :
      new camera broadcast
      setup camera enabled
      setup camera input mrl to your camera
      setup camera option filter=motiondetect,transform
      #setup camera option transform-type=vflip
      #indeed, I did not reach to make this working
      control camera play
      Have fun ;)
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      All: My shot at improving subtitle rendering in vlc. Now each vout uses a... · 14b3f0cf
      sigmunau authored
      All: My shot at improving subtitle rendering in vlc. Now each vout uses a "text renderer" module to render text on the video when needed. I decieded to make this a module type, because other api's (win32 and macosx) is supposed to do better than freetype under some circumstances.
      include/video_output.h: added some members needed by text renderer modules
      src/video_output/video_output.c: load and unload text renderer module when needed
      src/video_output/video_text.c: implemented some functions to show text on the video
      include/osd.h: exported the functions to show text
      modules/misc/Modules.am, module/misc/freetype.c: new text renderer module, largly based on the old osdtext module.
      modules/video_filter/Modules.am, modules/video_filter/osd_text.c: removed the osdtext module
      configure.ac: changes "osdtext" to "freetype" some places
      modules/codec/spudec/*: when iconv is available, use it to convert textual subtitles from the encoding given by --sub-encoding to utf8. Use new code to render subtitles
      modules/control/lirc/lirc.c: use new code to give feedback on buttons pressed. untested.
      modules/demux/util/sub.c: remove all traces of the ugly old osdtext module
      modules/misc/dummy/*: added a "text renderer" submodule in the dummy module
      src/misc/modules.c: included osd.h as it seems to be needed to export symbols
      final notes: you need to give a proper value to --freetype-font. This should be the path to a font file freetype2 can handle (almost any format afaik) with a unicode translation table in it. Windows ttf files will do. In linux at least openoffice distributes some fonts that work. I think macosx and beos also has useable fonts.
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      * bootstrap: · fe17002d
      Sam Hocevar authored
          + New build system, using recursive makefiles. Due to the amount of code
            in VLC, this had become unavoidable.
          + Removed the check for OS X's stack size, since our automake targets are
            a lot less hungry now.
          + Ditto for Solaris's sed.
          + Since automake-1.6 is faster than 1.7, use it first if both are present.
        * m4/vlc.m4:
            and AX_ADD_LDFLAGS macros that do all the magic to detect possible
            modules and register their flags.
          + New AX_ADD_BUILTINS and AX_ADD_PLUGINS macros.
          + Some magic to generate vlc-config.
        * configure.ac:
          + Moved most code to the AX_ADD_* macros.
          + Explicitely added all target Makefiles.
        * modules/**/Modules.am:
          + Path to sources are now relative to Modules.am's directory level.
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