1. 01 Jul, 2003 4 commits
  2. 27 Jun, 2003 2 commits
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      * debian/changelog: · 1f4f2234
      Sam Hocevar authored
          + Updated to the latest Debian unstable upload.
        * debian/rules:
          + Moved the skins interface into the wxvlc package.
          + Cosmetic fixes.
        * debian/control:
          + Updated the description of the wxvlc package.
        * bootstrap:
          + Put subdirectories of modules/ in SUBDIRS, not DIST_SUBDIRS.
        * Makefile.am:
          + Put modules in SUBDIRS, not DIST_SUBDIRS.
        * .cvsignore:
          + Ignore vlc-config.in.
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      * bootstrap: · fe17002d
      Sam Hocevar authored
          + New build system, using recursive makefiles. Due to the amount of code
            in VLC, this had become unavoidable.
          + Removed the check for OS X's stack size, since our automake targets are
            a lot less hungry now.
          + Ditto for Solaris's sed.
          + Since automake-1.6 is faster than 1.7, use it first if both are present.
        * m4/vlc.m4:
            and AX_ADD_LDFLAGS macros that do all the magic to detect possible
            modules and register their flags.
          + New AX_ADD_BUILTINS and AX_ADD_PLUGINS macros.
          + Some magic to generate vlc-config.
        * configure.ac:
          + Moved most code to the AX_ADD_* macros.
          + Explicitely added all target Makefiles.
        * modules/**/Modules.am:
          + Path to sources are now relative to Modules.am's directory level.