1. 05 Sep, 2008 8 commits
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  3. 03 Sep, 2008 2 commits
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      Some news about tonight's bridge module changes. · 355d80f1
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      Add placeholder feature to bridge module ("No Signal" anyone?) · 39dcd7cc
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      This commit allows using the bridge-out and bridge-in module to
      configure a placeholder stream. This placeholder stream replaces the
      input stream if it dies for more than place-holder ms.
      Example configuration:
       # The input
       new test broadcast enabled
       setup test input /home/antoine/media/wall-e/Sample.avi
       setup test output #duplicate{dst=bridge-out,select=video,dst=bridge-out,select=audio}
       # The placeholder
       new master broadcast enabled
       setup master input /home/antoine/media/wall-e/wall-e.avi
       setup master output #bridge-in{placeholder,placeholder-delay=5000}:display
       # control test play
       control master play
      Placeholder and input should have the same format (aspect ratio, dimension,
      codec, ...). Connect to VLC's telnet interface and issue some
      "control test play" and "control test stop" commands to simulate input loss.
      The placeholder stream should kick in after 5000 ms (5 s) of input loss.