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    • Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar
      LGPL · fef27058
      Jean-Baptiste Kempf authored
      Re-license almost all the playback modules to LGPLv2.1+ with
      authorization from their respective contributors (230+)
      This includes:
       - access, codec, packetizers, demux
       - audio filters, audio mixers, audio output
       - video filters, video chroma, video output
       - text renderers
       - XML parser
       - ARM NEON and SSE2 optimisations (mostly for chromas and filters)
      Some modules are not concerned:
       - BDA and DShow access modules because Manol Manolov is AWOL
       - Real RTSP, because it is derived from Xine
       - x264 and t140 because they are encoders only
       - DLL Loader, because it is derived from MPlayer
       - DTS packetizer, because Jon Lech Johansen is AWOL
       - Shine and WMAfixed, because they are derived from Rockbox
       - Real demuxer, as it is derived from MPlayer and Wang Bo is AWOL
       - MPC demuxer, as Yavor Doganov is AWOL
       - Tivo demuxer, because it is derived from an MPlayer fork
       - Playlist demuxer, (WPL and ZPL parts missing), because suheaven is AWOL
       - iOS audio output and video display, because author refuses the license change
       - Equalizer and compressor, because Ronald Wright is AWOL
       - Mono, Headphone and Dolby, because author refuses the license change
       - hqdn3d and yadif, because they are from MPlayer/libavfilter
       - remoteosd, because it derives from RealVNC code
       - MMX optimisations, because Ollie Lho, from SiS, is AWOL
       - Rotate, because it depends on GPL motion
      Nota Bene:
       - Some modules depend on GPL-only libraries, a LGPL module does not mean
         that the resulting binary module will be LGPL.
         Libraries affected would include liba52, libdvdcss, libdvdnav, libdvdread,
         faad2, libdca, libmad, libmpeg2, libpostproc, SRC, sid, zvbi and probably others.
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    • Rafaël Carré's avatar
      libav*: move avformat/avcodec init to a single header file · c8030242
      Rafaël Carré authored
      Avoid repeating the same implementation several times:
       incorrectly (switcher and mux didn't lock)
       redundantly (avcodec_register_all can be called several times)
      Move libavXXX init at the top of a few functions, just in case.
      Check uses of vlc_avcodec_(un)lock and factorize
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    • Rafaël Carré's avatar
      misc: fix warnings · 94a67470
      Rafaël Carré authored
          declare unused parameters in callbacks as void
          use size_t
          xml/xtag.c: comment dead code
          freetype: use mdate() instead of time(), remove unused parameter from UnderlineGlyphYUVA()
          notify/growl: factorize NotifyGrowl()
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    • dionoea's avatar
      src/playlist/loadsave.c, modules/demux/playlist/*, modules/gui/*, · 8e8e6441
      dionoea authored
      modules/misc/playlist/*, modules/access/http.c: XSPF playlist support
      (read and write) by Daniel Stranger. Many thanks
      src/misc/modules.c, src/misc/strings.c, include/vlc_strings.h: string
      handling functions.
      modules/control/http/*, modules/services_discovery/upnp_intel.cpp: use
      these string handling functions.
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    • zorglub's avatar
      Improvements to preferences · a90a19a6
      zorglub authored
      * Each module can declare a "human-readable short name" with set_name
      * Modules are sorted by category (set_category, set_subcategory).
        Modules configs can be separated by set_section()
      * Separated audio-filter and audio-visual
      * Separated extraintf and control
      * New command and widget : add_module_list() for comma-separated modules
      * Vfilters now use "," as separator
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    • zorglub's avatar
      * configure.ac : Added new folders · 5dc722b5
      zorglub authored
      * New playlist import/export system:
         -export plugin in misc/playlist (contains one module for each file type)
         -open plugin = special demuxer2, that can be opened from the command
          line or the graphical interface.
        NB: the demuxer "playlist" is forced to earn speed, but this does not
        work yet, as we have a demux2
      * modules/gui/wxwindows: use the new import/export.
      * src/playlist/group.c : fixed boundary check
      * src/playlist/item-ext.c: correctly reset stuff when clearing the playlist
  25. 17 Jun, 2003 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 0f0a0c68
      gbazin authored
      * modules/*: got rid of empty module objects.
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/preferences.cpp: fixed the config options display for submodules.
  26. 30 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · a1e81377
      gbazin authored
      * modules/*: sanitization of the modules description strings.
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    • sigmunau's avatar
      * include/configuration.h: added a new flag to the configuration stucture to · 5a13b475
      sigmunau authored
      indicate wether it is an "advanced" option or not. The goal with this is to
      hide the user from all the strange options that very seldom needs to be
      changed. added an extra argument to all the add_* macros to indicate wether
      the item is advanced or not.
      * src/libvlc.h: added an "show advanced options" config option default
      * src/libvlc.c: the advanced options are not listed by vlc --help and
      friends unless --advanced is used
      * modules/gtk/preferences.c: the gtk/gnome preferences dialog don't show
      advanced options unless advanced is set
      all: set the advanced flag to VLC_FALSE or VLC_TRUE for all options, by
      using some common sense. Please check and correct
      note: All interfaces should still work like they used to, see the change in
      modules/gtk/preferences.c to find out how to "hide" options.
      second note: I think I've changed all the modules, but I could not test
      everyone for compilation, expect some broken modules (the fix is to add ",
      VLC_TRUE" as last argument to the add_* I forgot)
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    • Sam Hocevar's avatar
      * ./modules/*: moved plugins to the new tree. Yet untested builds include · 19ea8feb
      Sam Hocevar authored
          waveout, directx, qnx, beos, win32, macosx, and the AltiVec modules.
        * ALL: removed mention of AC3 in favour of A52.
        * ./configure.in, ./Makefile*: modules can now be built deeper than 1
          directory. As a consequence, the build is even slower (but I'm fixing
          this) and make clean doesn't work anymore.
  32. 31 Jul, 2002 1 commit