1. 19 Aug, 2004 6 commits
  2. 18 Aug, 2004 9 commits
  3. 17 Aug, 2004 6 commits
  4. 16 Aug, 2004 7 commits
  5. 15 Aug, 2004 7 commits
  6. 14 Aug, 2004 5 commits
    • Jérome Decoodt's avatar
      *.nib: continuous sliders · 9ceb12b9
      Jérome Decoodt authored
      intf: Equalizer window in window menu
      equalizer.m: presets should work now
      equalizer.c, Modules.am, equalizer_presets.h: presets are stored in a separate file
    • Sam Hocevar's avatar
      * configure.ac: · 302caa01
      Sam Hocevar authored
          + Removed the -finline-limit=30000 flag. Since gcc-3.2, this options
            causes gcc to inline every single function of this size because of
            -O3's -finline-functions, although the documentation states that this
            flag should only affect explicitly inlined functions.
    • hartman's avatar
      * Send \r\n after ftp commands, not \n. · 7b905069
      hartman authored
    • Cyril Deguet's avatar
      * opengl.c: compilation fix for GLX. · 6185633a
      Cyril Deguet authored
         Do we really need two buffers ? Anyway it doesn't work as is with
         GLX, so I only use the first one (quick fix)
    • Eric Petit's avatar
      opengl.c: added OS X specific stuff, this includes: · b0167898
      Eric Petit authored
        + support for YUY2 textures
        + support for non-power-of-2 sizes
        + support for VRAM or AGP texturing
       It now uses two buffers and textures (needed for VRAM/AGP texturing).
       I got to fix a few things on the OS X GL provider before I commit it,
       but in the meantime, people can check if I didn't break the opengl
       output on Win32/GLX ;)