1. 27 Dec, 2001 2 commits
  2. 26 Dec, 2001 1 commit
  3. 20 Dec, 2001 3 commits
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      Fixed a typo. · 089b1c05
      Christophe Massiot authored
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      · e48d6195
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Added Jeffrey Baker to the AUTHORS file.
        * Fixed a PPC compilation issue.
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      · 48b30bb9
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Mouse wheel seek patch for XVideo courtesy of Peter Surda.
        * Ported to SDL.
  4. 19 Dec, 2001 6 commits
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      · 3475fc64
      Sam Hocevar authored
         * Heavy butchery in the VCD plugin. It should no longer segfault when
           reaching end of title.
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      · 7756c6e8
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * --filter distort:ripple (Ok, ok, I promise it's the last one !! :-)
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      · 36644229
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Fixed compilation with dvdcss disabled.
        * Fixed compilation with plugins disabled.
        * Removed useless variables in the VCD and DVD plugins.
        * Fixed a function which was returning "struct foo" in the VCD plugin.
        * Fixed the old � XVideo eats more and more CPU � bug I mistakenly
          reintroduced in my first vout4 commit.
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      · 2d90188b
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Initialize SDL before opening the SDL audio output.
        * Prevent two SDL video outputs or audio outputs to be spawned at the
          same time to avoid ugly crashes.
        * The SDL plugin now says whether we are using software or hardware YUV
          in its window title.
        * We now stop at the first ':' when looking for a module name, to easily
          pass information to the modules. Possible example: --vout sdl:software,
          implementation of such an option is left as an exercise.
        * Merged filter_bob and filter_bob422 into filter_bob. Use --filter bob
          to deinterlace 422 into 420 as well.
        * Factorized code common to most filters and the video output, optimized
          a few filters by aligning data and reading 64 bits at a time.
        * Two new absolutely useless, CPU-eating, resource-wasting, but fun
          filters: enjoy `transform', which performs flips and 90� rotations, and
          `distort', which performs animated image effects (currently only a naive
          sine wave is implemented). Usage examples:
             --filter transform:hflip
             --filter transform:vflip
             --filter transform:90
             --filter transform:180
             --filter transform:270
             --filter distort:wave
  5. 18 Dec, 2001 2 commits
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      · 8acfd9b4
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Ultimate fixes to the win32 package generation.
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      · 00201762
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Fixed Win32 build. You still need --disable-directx --disable-nls though.
  6. 17 Dec, 2001 5 commits
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      Added missing XSync(). · 04c1d9fc
      Christophe Massiot authored
    • Sam Hocevar's avatar
      · 21a68e65
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * TS input: bugfix in DecodePAT and minor optimizations elsewhere.
    • Sam Hocevar's avatar
      · 792a0ddf
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * TS input: we now check that the contents of the PAT has changed
          before updating it, instead of just relying on its version number.
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      · d4a83aef
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Pathetic attempt at a 4:2:2 renderer and deinterlacer, combining the
          most awful line dropping techniques of both BOB and 422 to 420
          downscaling. Don't worry, it should only survive for a couple of days.
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      · c1ba1b49
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * CPU detection under BeOS.
        * Fixed XVideo port selection.
        * New stupid plugin: "--filter wall" for split-image playback :-)
           (will evolve into a real image wall plugin when I have time)
  7. 16 Dec, 2001 2 commits
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      libdvdcss changes: · 22899aa9
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Support for REPORT_TITLE_KEY and RPC commands by H�kan Hjort
      vlc changes:
        * Minor coding style fixes (please avoid tabs).
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      · 14047fa1
      Sam Hocevar authored
        * Filter plugins. Not very polished (please don't look at how the dates are
          calculated!), but worth a try. Use the following flags:
           "--filter invert" for inverse video
           "--filter bob" for BOB deinterlacing
        * Fixed a potential segfault if the subtitle stream was encountered
          before the video stream.
        * Misc vout4 fixes.
  8. 13 Dec, 2001 4 commits
  9. 12 Dec, 2001 6 commits
  10. 11 Dec, 2001 5 commits
  11. 10 Dec, 2001 4 commits