1. 21 Jun, 2015 5 commits
  2. 20 Jun, 2015 6 commits
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      macosx: remove o_appLock, rename f_appExit · 25f5b205
      David authored
      Lock is not needed anymore, as this variable is only accessed
      from the main thread.
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      mac packaging: do not depend on vlc target · 318f3eaa
      David authored
      The vlc target only creates a symlink, so it makes no sense to
      depend on that in any way.
      This also fixes unneeded recreation of the package with every
      make invocation.
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      macosx: fix window ordering during startup (close #14486) · 9434662c
      David authored
      According to docu, application:willFinishLaunching: will be called
      as one of the first steps of [NSApp run], before the main loop
      will be actually started. Thus, it should make no performance
      difference if we load the main window already in openIntf().
      For some unknown reasons, a direct call to makeKeyAndOrderFront
      works in run(), but not in app:willFinishLaunching:, though.
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      darwinvlc/macosx: rework binary, start main loop in darwinvlc · cc07bce0
      David authored
      This moves the main loop out of the macosx interface module.
      Instead, the open callback only initializes the interface and the
      close callback cleans up stuff. The mainloop is now started in
      darwinvlc.m. In case the mac interface is not used, a CoreFoundation
      mainloop is solely started to wait for termination events.
      Additionally, this cleans up darwinvlc.m, and fixes signal
      handling, which was dead code so far (in case the interface was used).
      Now, GCD is used to catch SIGINT and SIGTERM in order to allow
      ordinary shutdown.
      refs #14362
      close #6354
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      darwinvlc: compile with objc and fix build system · 021f50d9
      David authored
      As we do not want to break other os versions, the only way to
      select the proper linker is to use another target for osx.
      Still, "make install" should produce a binary named "vlc" in the
      end, thus the binary is renamed at install stage.
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