1. 20 Jul, 2003 16 commits
  2. 19 Jul, 2003 9 commits
  3. 18 Jul, 2003 10 commits
  4. 17 Jul, 2003 5 commits
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      · 33b6abb6
      gbazin authored
      * src/playlist/playlist.c: fixed recent playlist breakage.
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      · 5a90c358
      gbazin authored
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*: enable popup menu support in the "dialogs provider".
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      · 035792d5
      gbazin authored
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*: The wxwindows interface is now a "dialogs provider" module as well as a normal "interface".
         Dialog providers expose an api that allow other modules to use the GUI dialogs the module provides (open dialogs, etc...).
         + misc small enhancements.
      * modules/gui/skins/*: completely removed the dependancy on the wxwindows code (which also eliminates the need for the basic_skins module).
         The skins module will now try to load a "dialogs provider" to display the open, messages, file info and preferences dialogs.
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      * Makefile.am: Parse mozilla after . so that the mozilla plugin gets its · 5cc5eba2
      Sam Hocevar authored
          dependencies right.
        * src/stream_output/announce.c: Compilation fix.
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      * m4/vlc.m4: Looks like POSIX shell reduces "`eval echo '$'FOO`" to "" even · e397e422
      Sam Hocevar authored
          if $FOO contains spaces. Worked around the problem.