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    • Felix Paul Kühne's avatar
      macosx: Multiple GUI improvements follow j-b's and my approach to synchronise... · 62282b6d
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
      macosx: Multiple GUI improvements follow j-b's and my approach to synchronise the QT4 and OSX intfs, more to come
      - "Use DVD Menus" is inverted now, so it's "No DVD Menus"
      - 3 dots at the end of a menu-item's caption mean that the entry will trigger a window (following Apple's HIGL)
      - removed the entries for "Report a Bug" and "License". The first isn't necessary as we got enough of them and users doing useable reports know how to do, the latter will re-appear in the to-be-re-designed About panel.
      - additionally, removed useless occurences of vlc_bool_t in favour of BOOL
      - preparations to add fps to Statistics
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    • Felix Paul Kühne's avatar
      * forward-port of all eyetv relates sources in my branch · 10649df7
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
          - this stuff is highly unfinished; needs much more work and testing
          - don't be surprised if you don't see anything when trying it out, this port is basically a big reminder for me to keep working on it ;-)
          - the access module is probably going to be ported from CoreFoundation-driven C to Cocoa-based Obj-C
          - everything will be 10.4-only, since EyeTV is only available this way as well
          - the plugin to put into EyeTV is compiled in UB-mode by default and incorporates Public Domain code provided by Elgato Systems GmbH
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      * collection of various fixes and edits · cd19d6a4
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
          - removed <10.3 support in the preferences' code
          - added preliminary support for Obj-C 2.0 / Garbage Collection
              - needs to be enabled manually in intf.h for now and is restricted to future Darwin release
          - updated various copyright dates to approbate values
          - configured the source tree in the Xcode project for future Xcode releases
          - finally renamed the Xcode project to the correct bundle extension
  25. 27 Nov, 2006 1 commit
    • Felix Paul Kühne's avatar
      * various improvements to the AppleRemote support by Martin Kahr <martin... · 92c36210
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
      * various improvements to the AppleRemote support by Martin Kahr <martin -attt-> martinkahr com> feat. the following changes:
          - holding +/- continuously increases/decreases volume
          - pressing Play twice toggles fullscreen mode
          -  a press on Menu shows the "Position" overlay (like pressing the key
      This updates our copy of Martin's unofficial framework to the latest version released.
  26. 26 Nov, 2006 2 commits
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    • zorglub's avatar
      A bit of headers cleanup · d3fe7f28
      zorglub authored
      * Headers in include must contain the structures and prototypes needed
        by the plugins and should be named vlc_*.
      * Headers in include/vlc must contain the structures and prototypes
        needed by external libvlc clients
      * Moved and renamed some things in headers. 
         - Removed vlc_cpu.h, vlc_error.h (merged in vlc_common)
         - Removed snapshot.h (merged in vlc_vout.h)
         - Removed vlc_spu.h (merged in vlc_osd.h)
         - Removed intf_eject.h and vlc_interaction.h (merged in vlc_interface)
         - Moved all internal headers to src
         - Merged vlc_video.h and video_output.h and move private things to src
         - Removed vlc/intf.h, vlc/aout.h, vlc/vout.h, vlc/decoder.h and vlc/input.h
           (meta headers for use in modules, and often implying too large 
      * Removed some useless dependencies
      * Unexported a bunch of functions and structures used only in src/
        (--> Still some work here)
      * Finally made input_thread_t and input_source_t (mostly) private. 
        Added input_GetItem to fetch the input_item of an input_thread
      * Cleaned up deprecated entries in vlc_symbols.h and bumped up symbol 
      This commit has a 99% probability of breaking the build, 0.1% of killing
      your cat and 0% of getting you hot chicks.
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    • Felix Paul Kühne's avatar
      * removed some further hangover from the original patch and finally added... · eaeeb9bc
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
      * removed some further hangover from the original patch and finally added embeddedWindow to the xcode project
    • Felix Paul Kühne's avatar
      * New Fullscreen controller panel · 6f54a530
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
      - basically written by Jerome Decoodt <djc at videolan dot org> aka DiDjCodt
      - various patches, coding-style fixes, etc. here and there
      - integration to VLCControls
      - automagic fading-in and -out when in fullscreen mode
      - get and use native graphics. These are currently being prepared by Simon Damkjaer Andersen, who already donated new playback mode icons (to be committed soon)
      - implement the volume slider
      - fix seeking with the time slider
      - check for memory leaks
      - further clean-up
      for the moment, you need certain images from Jerome's patch to get this running. Put them to extras/MacOSX/Resources/ and it'll work. Otherwise, VLC won't crash, but only show strings.
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    • Felix Paul Kühne's avatar
      * implemented a ctrl-click menu for the vouts (refs #302) · 9e2759bc
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
      - currently loaded through rightMouseUp because rightMouseDown, etc. don't register any NSRightMouseDowns. If anybody got an idea why, I would be willing to change this of cause, since the current way is quite slower in the user's experience.
      - the Snapshot item doesn't work yet (it triggers the fullscreen-event)
      - localisation support is complete
      Any comments and wanteds for further items are welcome :)
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