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      * telnet interface and VLM ( VideoLAN (media) manager): · 59ab7573
      Simon Latapie authored
          VLM is a little media manager. It is designed to launch several souts
          with a unique VLC. It is a kind of "server playlist". For now, it is
          only usable with the little telnet interface I wrote. The features are:
           - complete and barely coherent command line set for media setup and
           - multiple input list by media (like a playlist)
           - loop by media
           - load/save config file (human readable)
           - script implementation (for scheduling, for example)
          If you want to test it, launch VLC with -I telnet, and type "help".
          Beware of the type of the media: vod or broadcast. vod will be used
            - rewrite the telnet interface (beurk)
            - change error message system and create a http interface for VLM
            - implement RTSP clients administration (with vod medias)
            - write a complete documentation...