1. 14 Aug, 2003 6 commits
  2. 13 Aug, 2003 2 commits
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 26db09c0
      gbazin authored
      * include/announce.h, src/stream_output/announce.c, modules/stream_out/standard.c: fixed broken build.
    • zorglub's avatar
      * configure.ac : we need to define HAVE_SLP_H · b83deb14
      zorglub authored
      * include/announce.h & vlc_common.h: slp_session_t structure definition
      * module/stream_out/standard.c & src/stream_output/announce.c :
          SLP announcing support by vlc
  3. 10 Aug, 2003 2 commits
    • gbazin's avatar
      · f64bdcc0
      gbazin authored
      * modules/codec/subsdec/subsdec.[c,h]: added --subsdec-align option to specify center, left or right alignment.
      * include/osd.h, modules/misc/freetype.c: support for center alignment.
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/subtitles.cpp: string change.
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 49d00069
      gbazin authored
      * include/configuration.h: bug fix for add_string_from_list()
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*: added a subtitles encoding combobox in the subtitles dialog.
  4. 09 Aug, 2003 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · d9069191
      gbazin authored
      * src/stream_output/stream_output.c, include/stream_output.h: added an i_padding field to sout_instance_t so we can allocate sout_buffers with a bit more space than asked for (needed for ffmpeg decoding).
      * modules/stream_out/transcode.c: proper pts/dts generation. This allows the transcoder module to finally generate proper streams.
         Added support for b frames (bframe=x option) + couple of bug fixes.
  5. 03 Aug, 2003 1 commit
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      · e1aabc8f
      gbazin authored
      * src/misc/configuration.c, include/configuration.h, src/audio_output/intf.c, include/audio_output.h, modules/gui/gtk/display.[ch]: configuration variables now use vlc_callback_t callbacks (same as the object variables).
      * modules/video_output/x11/*: support for the _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN hint from the Extended Window Manager Hints spec.
      * modules/audio_output/alsa.c: support for 4.0 and 5.1 audio channels. This time it has been tested ;)
  6. 02 Aug, 2003 3 commits
  7. 01 Aug, 2003 1 commit
    • Laurent Aimar's avatar
      * vlc_common.h: include stdarg.h by default. Required by ninput.h · 1e9877ba
      Laurent Aimar authored
       *  ninput.h :  extracted  duplicated  stream functions  from  a lot  of
       demuxers and do a nice (?) API.
       * stream.c: implement basic streams  manipulation. It is just a wrapper
       but it is useful.
       * all: added a i_ttl field in network_socket_t to allow per connection ttl
      setting (in fact only used by access_out/udp.c.
  8. 31 Jul, 2003 2 commits
  9. 27 Jul, 2003 1 commit
    • Christophe Massiot's avatar
      * src/input/input_clock.c: Fixed two long-standing (> 2 years) bugs · b1bd5cc0
      Christophe Massiot authored
      - there should be fewer resampling, particularly on DVD chapter changes
      - when you unpause a DVD, VLC will wait for the drive to spin up, so you
      won't lose several seconds of movies
      * modules/gui/macosx/controls.m: Seeking in paused mode resumes the play
      mode, make the interface take that into account.
  10. 23 Jul, 2003 3 commits
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 4684a91e
      gbazin authored
      * include/variables.h, src/misc/variables.c: you can now use var_Create() directly to create an object variable with an inherited value.
         eg. var_Create( p_vout, "zoom", VLC_VAR_FLOAT | VLC_VAR_DOINHERIT );
         Beware, the object in which you create the var must be attached to a parent for this to work (otherwise we can't navigate the parents hierarchy to find the value to inherit).
      * src/input/input.c, src/input/input_programs.c, src/video_output/video_output.c: converted more config_GetFoo() into var_Create()/var_Get();
    • hartman's avatar
      * include/vlc_common.h: MAX_PATH PATH_MAX, we don't wanna bother and use the · 5b165b73
      hartman authored
        latter everywhere.
      * modules/demux/util/sub.c: Bring the config options in here to the variable structure.
      * modules/misc/freetype.c: Bring the config options in here to the variable structure.
        Fix the linespacing. Dnumgis, it works, just define another linespacing :)
    • gbazin's avatar
      · eb505a2f
      gbazin authored
      * ALL: changes to the playlist_Add() and VLC_AddTarget() proto to include a list of options associated with the input.
      * src/input/input.c: parses the input options list before spawning the input and create object variables for these options. Options are of the form "[no[-]]foo[=bar]" where foo is the option name and bar is its value.
      * src/input/input.c, src/input/input_dec.c: use the object var api to get the value of the "sout", "sout-video" and "sout-audio" options.
      * src/libvlc.c: extended the command line parser to parse input options. Input options must always follow the input they apply to and begin with a ':'.
      All these changes allow you to specify input specific options.
      eg: ./vlc --no-sout-audio yourvideo.mpeg :sout=udp/http::8080 :sout-audio yourvideo2.mpeg
      Here the ":sout" option will only apply to yourvideo.mpeg.
      "--no-sout-audio" will be a global option so will apply to yourvideo2.mpeg but the global behaviour is overriden by ":sout-audio" for yourvideo.mpeg.
      TODO: - the interfaces need to be modified to benefit from the new playlist_Add() api.
            - only "sout", "sout-video", "sout-audio" implemented for now. To make it work with other options, we need to get rid of all the config_GetFoo() and replace them with var_Create()/var_Change()/var_Get().
  11. 20 Jul, 2003 1 commit
    • gbazin's avatar
      · ae65b15b
      gbazin authored
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*, include/vlc_interface.h: new generic "open file" dialog.
      * modules/gui/skins/*: use the new generic "open file" dialog to load skins.
  12. 17 Jul, 2003 3 commits
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      · 5a90c358
      gbazin authored
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*: enable popup menu support in the "dialogs provider".
    • gbazin's avatar
      · 035792d5
      gbazin authored
      * modules/gui/wxwindows/*: The wxwindows interface is now a "dialogs provider" module as well as a normal "interface".
         Dialog providers expose an api that allow other modules to use the GUI dialogs the module provides (open dialogs, etc...).
         + misc small enhancements.
      * modules/gui/skins/*: completely removed the dependancy on the wxwindows code (which also eliminates the need for the basic_skins module).
         The skins module will now try to load a "dialogs provider" to display the open, messages, file info and preferences dialogs.
    • Sam Hocevar's avatar
      * src/stream_output/announce.c: · aa935693
      Sam Hocevar authored
          + Coding style fixes.
          + Use memcpy() instead of for() loops.
  13. 15 Jul, 2003 1 commit
  14. 14 Jul, 2003 2 commits
    • sigmunau's avatar
      All: My shot at improving subtitle rendering in vlc. Now each vout uses a... · 14b3f0cf
      sigmunau authored
      All: My shot at improving subtitle rendering in vlc. Now each vout uses a "text renderer" module to render text on the video when needed. I decieded to make this a module type, because other api's (win32 and macosx) is supposed to do better than freetype under some circumstances.
      include/video_output.h: added some members needed by text renderer modules
      src/video_output/video_output.c: load and unload text renderer module when needed
      src/video_output/video_text.c: implemented some functions to show text on the video
      include/osd.h: exported the functions to show text
      modules/misc/Modules.am, module/misc/freetype.c: new text renderer module, largly based on the old osdtext module.
      modules/video_filter/Modules.am, modules/video_filter/osd_text.c: removed the osdtext module
      configure.ac: changes "osdtext" to "freetype" some places
      modules/codec/spudec/*: when iconv is available, use it to convert textual subtitles from the encoding given by --sub-encoding to utf8. Use new code to render subtitles
      modules/control/lirc/lirc.c: use new code to give feedback on buttons pressed. untested.
      modules/demux/util/sub.c: remove all traces of the ugly old osdtext module
      modules/misc/dummy/*: added a "text renderer" submodule in the dummy module
      src/misc/modules.c: included osd.h as it seems to be needed to export symbols
      final notes: you need to give a proper value to --freetype-font. This should be the path to a font file freetype2 can handle (almost any format afaik) with a unicode translation table in it. Windows ttf files will do. In linux at least openoffice distributes some fonts that work. I think macosx and beos also has useable fonts.
    • sigmunau's avatar
      toolbox: made a --add-include that can be used by doxygen to get proper · 371148d3
      sigmunau authored
               includes in the .h files, since they are parsed out of context by
      Doxyfile: misc fixes, use ./toolbox --add-include as filter for sources.
      include/vlc_common.h: doxygenized VLC_COMMON_MEMBERS
      With these changes, and a slightly patched version of doxygen (which you can
      get here: http://www.idi.ntnu.no/~sigmunau/doxygen-vlcpatched.tgz ) you should
      be able to get some useful documentation out of the vlc sources.
  15. 11 Jul, 2003 1 commit
  16. 10 Jul, 2003 1 commit
    • Laurent Aimar's avatar
      * http: rework of the http interface. · a362f5c3
      Laurent Aimar authored
       There is no more hardcoded html page. The interface recursively parse a
      directory, exporting all  files. All .htm/.html are  parsed, and special
      macro are  used. I will commit  somes samples pages in  share/http and I
      hope documentations.
       TODO: - (re)implement access control in httpd (but in a useable way).
             - clean login/password management. (for now .access protects
             a whole directory).
             - doc ;)
  17. 05 Jul, 2003 1 commit
  18. 01 Jul, 2003 2 commits
  19. 27 Jun, 2003 1 commit
    • zorglub's avatar
      · 8f9ee6fd
      zorglub authored
      * modules/demux/m3u.c :
          Added name support. Only implemented for M3U and B4S playlists at the moment
      * src/playlist/playlist.c
        include/vlc_playlist.h   : Added the playlist_AddName function to add an item with its name without filling an item structure.
  20. 26 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  21. 25 Jun, 2003 2 commits
  22. 24 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  23. 23 Jun, 2003 1 commit