1. 26 Nov, 2010 7 commits
  2. 25 Nov, 2010 1 commit
  3. 24 Nov, 2010 12 commits
  4. 23 Nov, 2010 7 commits
  5. 22 Nov, 2010 12 commits
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins: add some transparency to the default skin · f07499ac
      Erwan Tulou authored
      Default skin becomes slightly transparent when moved.
      (deactivated by default, needs to be set up in preferences)
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins2: rework and simplify transparency · 64c2daf4
      Erwan Tulou authored
      Several redraw were no longer needed
      (tested successfully on Ubuntu/metacity and WinNT)
      On Win32, switching back and forth between layered Window and not layered
       window (case where only one of the two alpha parameters is < 255) was removed
      because display was not satisfactory. (transition a bit weird)
    • ivoire's avatar
      gestures: use static when needed. · af5900ae
      ivoire authored
    • ivoire's avatar
      access_oss: return NULL instead of 0. · c661b609
      ivoire authored
    • Lari Natri's avatar
      Fix for KDE device actions · 99ebae0c
      Lari Natri authored
      This tiny patch enables opening of VideoCD/AudioCD/DVD discs with VLC in KDE when inserted, which was broken before.
      Signed-off-by: Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatarRémi Denis-Courmont <remi@remlab.net>
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins2: improve the default skin placements · f511daad
      Erwan Tulou authored
      The default skins now benefits from relative positioning:
         - main window centered
         - playlist window centered with a 5% offset
         - fullscreen controller centered at the bottom
           of the screen with a 3% margin from the border
         - other ancillary windows all centered
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins2: implement relative positioning · 6f772953
      Erwan Tulou authored
      So far in skins2, all x, y, width and height were given in pixels, and
      no reference to the screen resolution could be made.
      This patch implements the following :
      - all x, y, width, height can be given in pixels or in % of their container.
        For windows, the container is the screen. For widgets, it can be the
        layout or a panel.
      - Five new tags eases up positioning
        - position : relative position given as "Center", "West", "NorthWest", ...
        - x/y-margin : margins to take into account (in px or %) wrt the borders.
        - x/y-offset : additional offset to apply (in px or %).
      - the image control can now accept a width and a height parameters.
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins2: ifdef code specific to WIN32 · 5d7acec1
      Erwan Tulou authored
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins2: some optimisation and cosmetics when moving/resizing windows · 73150d7c
      Erwan Tulou authored
      On most WM, move and resize are noop as long as the window is not visible, and
      these calls have to be reissued once the window becomes visible.
        - so avoid unnecessary calls when there are known to be noop.
        - remove a move in TopWindow that appears hackish
          (it hides a MoveResize and is actually needed for _all_ windows)
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins2(Win32 and Linux): Don't refresh a window forcefully · 81210652
      Erwan Tulou authored
      A good practice is to invalidate the window and leave it to the OS to decide if a repaint is or not needed.
      As a side effect, this fixes some alternative task switchers (alt-tab) on WinNT (like TaskSwitcher or ATTv) that displayed a black rectangle instead of the preview of the skin, because the skin engine was not doing things the usual way.
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins(Win32): Process events in the winProc (instead of the message loop) · a66bbe1e
      Erwan Tulou authored
      Events like WM_PAINT should be processed in the WinProc, because
      some functions directly call the WinProc (e.g UpdateWindow())
    • Erwan Tulou's avatar
      skins2: fix minor artefact with animated image · a38c6d0f
      Erwan Tulou authored
      Don't do anything if the image doesn't change. Otherwise, some unpleasant
      flickering occurs when the image is animated.
  6. 21 Nov, 2010 1 commit