Commit fd82bdcb authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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vlc_atomic: fix GCC macros return types

parent ffc6586b
......@@ -58,45 +58,45 @@
/* In principles, __sync_*() only supports int, long and long long and their
* unsigned equivalents, i.e. 4-bytes and 8-bytes types, although GCC also
* supports 1 and 2-bytes types. Some non-x86 architectures do not support
* 8-byte atomic types (or not efficiently). So lets stick to (u)intptr_t. */
typedef intptr_t atomic_flag;
typedef intptr_t atomic_bool;
typedef intptr_t atomic_char;
typedef intptr_t atomic_schar;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uchar;
typedef intptr_t atomic_short;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_ushort;
typedef intptr_t atomic_int;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uint;
typedef intptr_t atomic_long;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_ulong;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_char16_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_char32_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_wchar_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_int_least8_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uint_least8_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_int_least16_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uint_least16_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_int_least32_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uint_least32_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_int_fast8_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uint_fast8_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_int_fast16_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uint_fast16_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_int_fast32_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uint_fast32_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_intptr_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uintptr_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_size_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_ptrdiff_t;
* 8-byte atomic types (or not efficiently). */
typedef bool atomic_flag;
typedef bool atomic_bool;
typedef char atomic_char;
typedef signed char atomic_schar;
typedef unsigned char atomic_uchar;
typedef short atomic_short;
typedef unsigned short atomic_ushort;
typedef int atomic_int;
typedef unsigned int atomic_uint;
typedef long atomic_long;
typedef unsigned long atomic_ulong;
typedef long long atomic_llong;
typedef unsigned long long atomic_ullong;
//typedef char16_t atomic_char16_t;
//typedef char32_t atomic_char32_t;
typedef wchar_t atomic_wchar_t;
typedef int_least8_t atomic_int_least8_t;
typedef uint_least8_t atomic_uint_least8_t;
typedef int_least16_t atomic_int_least16_t;
typedef uint_least16_t atomic_uint_least16_t;
typedef int_least32_t atomic_int_least32_t;
typedef uint_least32_t atomic_uint_least32_t;
typedef int_least64_t atomic_int_least64_t;
typedef uint_least64_t atomic_uint_least64_t;
typedef int_fast8_t atomic_int_fast8_t;
typedef uint_fast8_t atomic_uint_fast8_t;
typedef int_fast16_t atomic_int_fast16_t;
typedef uint_fast16_t atomic_uint_fast16_t;
typedef int_fast32_t atomic_int_fast32_t;
typedef uint_fast32_t atomic_uint_fast32_t;
typedef int_fast64_t atomic_int_fast64_t;
typedef uint_fast64_t atomic_uint_fast64_t;
typedef intptr_t atomic_intptr_t;
typedef uintptr_t atomic_uintptr_t;
typedef size_t atomic_size_t;
typedef ptrdiff_t atomic_ptrdiff_t;
typedef intmax_t atomic_intmax_t;
typedef uintmax_t atomic_uintmax_t;
# define atomic_store(object,desired) \
do { \
......@@ -113,52 +113,35 @@ typedef intptr_t atomic_ptrdiff_t;
# define atomic_load_explicit(object,order) \
static inline
intptr_t vlc_atomic_exchange(volatile void *object, intptr_t desired)
volatile intptr_t *ptr = (volatile intptr_t *)object;
intptr_t old;
/* NOTE: while __sync_lock_test_and_set() is an atomic exchange, its memory
* order is too weak (acquire instead of sequentially consistent).
* Because of that, for lack of both C11 _Generic() and GNU C compound
* statements, atomic exchange needs a helper function.
* Thus all atomic types must have the same size. */
old = atomic_load(ptr);
while (!__sync_bool_compare_and_swap(ptr, old, desired));
return old;
# define atomic_exchange(object,desired) \
({ \
typeof (object) _obj = (object); \
typeof (*object) _old; \
do \
_old = atomic_load(_obj); \
while (!__sync_bool_compare_and_swap(_obj, _old, (desired))); \
_old; \
# define atomic_exchange_explicit(object,desired,order) \
static inline
bool vlc_atomic_compare_exchange(volatile void *object, void *expected,
intptr_t desired)
volatile intptr_t *ptr = (volatile intptr_t *)object;
intptr_t old = *(intptr_t *)expected;
intptr_t val = __sync_val_compare_and_swap(ptr, old, desired);
if (old != val)
*(intptr_t *)expected = val;
return false;
return true;
# define atomic_compare_exchange(object,expected,desired) \
({ \
typeof (object) _exp = (expected); \
typeof (*object) _old = *_exp; \
*_exp = __sync_val_compare_and_swap((object), _old, (desired)); \
*_exp == _old; \
# define atomic_compare_exchange_strong(object,expected,desired) \
vlc_atomic_compare_exchange(object, expected, desired)
atomic_compare_exchange(object, expected, desired)
# define atomic_compare_exchange_strong_explicit(object,expected,desired,order) \
atomic_compare_exchange_strong(object, expected, desired)
# define atomic_compare_exchange_weak(object,expected,desired) \
vlc_atomic_compare_exchange(object, expected, desired)
atomic_compare_exchange(object, expected, desired)
# define atomic_compare_exchange_weak_explicit(object,expected,desired,order) \
atomic_compare_exchange_weak(object, expected, desired)
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