Commit f6e51b02 authored by Marvin Scholz's avatar Marvin Scholz

macOS package: Change how is created

The is not longer requires, now that the rpath
and install_name it set correctly. Just copying from vlc_install_dir
is enough.

Fix #17725
parent 2b5baef5
......@@ -49,7 +49,14 @@ endif
$@/Contents/Resources/$${i}.lproj/ ; \
printf "APPLVLC#" >| $@/Contents/PkgInfo
PRODUCT="$@" build_dir=$(top_builddir) sh $(srcdir)/extras/package/macosx/
## Copy libs
mkdir -p $@/Contents/MacOS/lib
find $(prefix)/lib -name 'libvlc*.dylib' -maxdepth 1 -exec cp -a {} $@/Contents/MacOS/lib \;
## Copy plugins
mkdir -p $@/Contents/MacOS/plugins
find $(prefix)/lib/vlc/plugins -name 'lib*_plugin.dylib' -maxdepth 2 -exec cp -a {} $@/Contents/MacOS/plugins \;
## Install binary
cp $(prefix)/bin/vlc $@/Contents/MacOS/VLC
## Generate plugin cache
bin/vlc-cache-gen $@/Contents/MacOS/plugins
find $@ -type d -exec chmod ugo+rx '{}' \;
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