Commit f5703c16 authored by damienf's avatar damienf
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- make use of cygwin rebase to optimize DLL loading, if present

parent fd5297cf
......@@ -779,6 +779,10 @@ if BUILD_ACTIVEX
cp $(top_builddir)/activex/*$(LIBEXT) $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex/ ;
$(STRIP) $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}/activex/*$(LIBEXT);
# Rebase all those DLLs to speed up loading (need cygwin rebase)
if [ -x rebase ]; then \
find $(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION} -type f -name '*.dll' -print | rebase -b 0x70000000 -T -; \
# Create package
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