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* INSTALL.win32: added a section about the "make package-win32" rules.

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......@@ -226,5 +226,20 @@ Once configured, to build VLC, just run `make'.
( If you are using our gcc-3.3.1 cross-compiler you'll need to use:
PATH=/usr/local/mingw/bin:$PATH make )
Once the compilation is done, you can either run VLC directly from the source
tree or you can build self-contained VLC packages with the following
'make' rules:
make package-win32-base
will create a subdirectory named vlc-x.x.x with all the binaries
'stripped' (ie. without any debugging symbols).
make package-win32-zip
Same as above but will package the directory in a zip file.
make package-win32
Same as above but will also create an auto-installer package. You will need
to have NSIS installed in its default location for this to work.
Well done, now you're ready to use VLC!
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