Commit f48d0cb0 authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

codec: videotoolbox: fix build

parent 1a981692
......@@ -626,10 +626,10 @@ static bool VideoToolboxNeedsToRestartH264(decoder_t *p_dec,
unsigned w, h, vw, vh;
int sarn, sard;
if (h264_helper_get_current_picture_size(hh, &w, &h, &vw, &vh) != VLC_SUCCESS)
if (hxxx_helper_get_current_picture_size(hh, &w, &h, &vw, &vh) != VLC_SUCCESS)
return true;
if (h264_helper_get_current_sar(hh, &sarn, &sard) != VLC_SUCCESS)
if (hxxx_helper_get_current_sar(hh, &sarn, &sard) != VLC_SUCCESS)
return true;
CFMutableDictionaryRef extradataInfo = H264ExtradataInfoCreate(hh);
......@@ -1152,19 +1152,19 @@ static int SetH264DecoderInfo(decoder_t *p_dec, CFMutableDictionaryRef extradata
unsigned i_h264_width, i_h264_height, i_video_width, i_video_height;
int i_sar_num, i_sar_den, i_ret;
i_ret = h264_helper_get_current_profile_level(&p_sys->hh, &i_profile, &i_level);
i_ret = hxxx_helper_get_current_profile_level(&p_sys->hh, &i_profile, &i_level);
if (i_ret != VLC_SUCCESS)
return i_ret;
if (!IsH264ProfileLevelSupported(p_dec, i_profile, i_level))
return VLC_ENOMOD; /* This error is critical */
i_ret = h264_helper_get_current_picture_size(&p_sys->hh,
i_ret = hxxx_helper_get_current_picture_size(&p_sys->hh,
&i_h264_width, &i_h264_height,
&i_video_width, &i_video_height);
if (i_ret != VLC_SUCCESS)
return i_ret;
i_ret = h264_helper_get_current_sar(&p_sys->hh, &i_sar_num, &i_sar_den);
i_ret = hxxx_helper_get_current_sar(&p_sys->hh, &i_sar_num, &i_sar_den);
if (i_ret != VLC_SUCCESS)
return i_ret;
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