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Remove out-dated Maemo 4 installation guide

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INSTALL file for the Maemo version of the VLC media player
Building VLC from source code
If you want to build the Maemo version of VLC from the source, you have to
install the Maemo Software Development Kit as indicated in the Maemo Diablo
Reference Manual for Maemo 4.1. You can find it from this page:
You have to use the ARMEL target (arm) of the Maemo SDK. The x86 target was
not tested.
Installing autotools
Once you have a working scratchbox with the Maemo SDK installed and before
compiling VLC, you must install some additional tools and libraries.
VLC requires automake 1.9 and autoconf 2.61 (or more recent). As of the Diablo
release, they are not easy to install within the Maemo SDK for Scratchbox.
The easiest solution is to use those from your Linux distribution _outside_
Scratchbox (in your native desktop environment). You will also need the
gettext and libgcrypt development files.
Go to the VLC source code directory, e.g.:
cd /scratchbox/users/$(whoami)/home/$(whoami)/vlc
and run:
Installing correct headers
For VLC to compile under the Maemo SDK, you must copy the linux/videodev2.h
from your Linux distribution into the Scratchbox.
To build the OMAP Frame Buffer video output module, you also need an up-to-date
asm/arch-omap/omapfb.h (you can find it on google by searching for "omapfb.h").
Installing additional libraries
Login to Scratchbox. You can also install fribidi, libvorbixidev, libmad and
other VLC dependencies which you can find in the Maemo extra repositories.
Add these lines to /etc/apt/sources.list (if not alerady done):
deb diablo free
deb-src diablo free
Then run:
apt-get update
FFmpeg (not necessary)
You should also build FFMPEG. To that end, you can use Debian source package
as is. Get the ffmpeg-free_0.svn20080206.orig.tar.gz and the Debian diff file
ffmpeg-free_0.svn20080206-8.diff.gz for example. Decompress them and apply the
You will need to alter the debian/rules and debian/control files to remove a
few dependencies not available in Maemo.
You might have to change the line 3550 of ffmpeg/libavcodec/dsputil.c from
DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (uint64_t, aligned_bak[stride]);
uint64_t *aligned_bak[stride];
to build FFMPEG within Scratchbox.
You can run, for example:
./configure --disable-qt4 --disable-skins2 --disable-glx --disable-a52 \
--enable-tremor --enable-maemo --enable-omapfb --enable-flac \
Building VLC
Just do :
Running VLC
VLC will not properly run inside the Scratchbox, you must test it directly on
the target device.
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