Commit f0a3b00e authored by Pierre's avatar Pierre
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contrib: Make sure we properly do the ugly hack for iconv on OS X.

parent 1eff27e0
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ hosts/$(HOST)/.$(CONTRIBREV): contrib-macosx-$(ARCH)-$(CONTRIBREV).tar.bz2
# result in linking issues
ifdef HAVE_DARWIN_10
(cd $(PREFIX)/lib && sed -e 's%/usr/lib/$(PREFIX)/lib/' -i.orig *.la && rm -f *.la.orig)
(cd src && $(MAKE) .iconv)
(cd src && rm .iconv && $(MAKE) .iconv)
touch hosts/$(HOST)/.$(CONTRIBREV)
......@@ -438,6 +438,7 @@ libiconv-snowleopard: libiconv-snowleopard.tar.bz2
ifdef HAVE_DARWIN_10
.iconv: libiconv-snowleopard
(cd libiconv-snowleopard && sed -i.orig s:/usr/lib:$(PREFIX)/lib/:
(cd libiconv-snowleopard && cp libiconv.* $(PREFIX)/lib/)
touch $@
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