Commit f01e2a91 authored by Marian Durkovic's avatar Marian Durkovic
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Comment on IPv6 SSM

parent 97b3335a
......@@ -446,8 +446,9 @@ net_SourceSubscribe (vlc_object_t *obj, int fd,
|| ((src != NULL) && (srclen < sizeof (struct sockaddr_in6))))
return -1;
/* We don't provide IPv6-specific SSM at the moment.
* It seems all the OSes with IPv6 SSM have the new API anyway. */
/* IPv6-specific SSM API does not exist. So if we're here
* it means IPv6 SSM is not supported on this OS and we
* directly fallback to ASM */
if (net_IPv6Join (obj, fd, (const struct sockaddr_in6 *)grp) == 0)
return 0;
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