Commit ef65c998 authored by brezhoneg1's avatar brezhoneg1 Committed by Ilkka Ollakka

Actually, the patch corrects three problems (2 pertaining to qt4 as a

dialog provider for skins and 1 as the regular qt4). The problems for
skins are real (lead to crashes when using menus). The one for regular
qt4 was obviously a typo, but sometimes even removing a typo may have
side effects. If so, please find attached a patch that reverts this part
of the previous patch.

Signed-off-by: Ilkka Ollakka's avatarIlkka Ollakka <>
parent 02abb732
......@@ -942,7 +942,7 @@ void MainInputManager::customEvent( QEvent *event )
vlc_mutex_lock( &p_intf->change_lock );
if( p_input && ( p_input->b_dead || !vlc_object_alive (p_input) ) )
emit inputChanged( NULL );
emit inputChanged( p_input );
var_DelCallback( p_input, "state", PLItemChanged, this );
vlc_object_release( p_input );
p_input = NULL;
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