Commit ed8daf3f authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

demux: mp4: remove debug string

parent 885249c1
......@@ -3325,8 +3325,6 @@ static int MP4_TrackSeek( demux_t *p_demux, mp4_track_t *p_track,
p_track->b_selected = true;
msg_Err( p_demux, "select track[Id 0x%x] %d %d %ld",
p_track->i_track_ID, i_chunk, i_sample, i_start );
if( !TrackGotoChunkSample( p_demux, p_track, i_chunk, i_sample ) )
p_track->b_selected = true;
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